Welcome to our Web site! We're two 12 year-old best friends that care a lot about animals, which is why we started this project. What we're trying to do is help endangered species. Right now, we're focusing on one specific species, the giant panda. On this Web site you'll find information about giant pandas. Also, you can donate money to help save these wonderful creatures. Another way you can help is by telling your friends and families about this Web site. Thanks for visiting!

The Goal

Hello fellow panda savers! I would like to inform you on how much money we have earned so far. So far, we have raised 84.00$ Last week we had a bake sale and raised over 60.00$ and we donated over 20.00$! Tomarro we are having another bake sale, i wil let you in on how much money we raised tomarro! Ok, here is the goal, by the end of the summer, we are hoping to raise 250.00$ and to make this come true, we need your help! Thanks,


Panda Maze

The poor panda! He hates mazes, help him get out of the mazes so he can live happily ever after!

Panda dress-up game

this game is a very fun game where you can dress up a panda and create a background. Enjoy!

Panda Star

in this game, you use the A or D keys or the arrow keys to move the panda tolight up the stars. After you light up al the stars, you move on to the next level, this is a chalenging game so good luck!

Panda slide show

This is the most beautiful thing any panda fan could ever make! This person really cares a lot about Giant pandas.

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